About us

In this section, we would like to ask you kindly to know more about us, especially our reasons for creating this website.


Iran – The Handicraft Origin

Arts and handicrafts have been staples of societies with a civilization that dates back thousands of years as urban life and civilization compelled people to invent tools and industries. The civilization usually prospered under the reign of magnificent empires and monarchies. Obviously, since Iran is a 5000 old civilization with rich culture and traditions, there’s a staggering variety in the arts and handicrafts. In almost all ethnic groups, regions and geographies of Iran, we witness a lasting art of handicraft, making the introduction of handicraft artisan a difficult, if not impossible, task for us. The hospitable Iranian people all over the country with different climates have embraced the handicraft art and embedded it in their lives. The art that’s not limited to aesthetics, but rather is a crucial aspect of their routine lives. We believe the Iranian handicraft art should inhabit Iranian homes and not the museums, galleries and stores.


Who we are:

Handicrafts 365 provides a platform for presenting original artworks catering to your day-to-day needs, therefore, you have easy access to the artistic and creative Iranian creations.

Handicrafts365.com looking to support Iranian art and artists, has organized a comprehensive chain of design, production, packaging, and distribution of Iranian handicrafts and artworks. The goal of bringing together such a collection is to institutionalize the culture of using Iranian handicrafts, to promote the international stance of these products, to collaborate with the international institutes of arts and handicrafts and finally, to take the first steps in developing art-oriented tourism in Iran.

Our team of passionate and creative young people is concerned not about selling product, but simply creating a fun and memorable shopping experience. To this end, we have harbored our years of experience in building the most modern Iranian handicraft internet sales infrastructure to demonstrate the role of creative Iranian artists’ handicraft products in the family basket. Through opening a window to Iran’s art treasures, we strive towards gifting a corner of this land’s ancient heritage to lovers of Iranian art and culture inside and outside the country’s borders.

We believe that art is the common language of all human beings as it reaches their heart and soul. Our goal is to provide the handicrafts of Iranian artists with the guarantee of originality, crystal-clear identity, complete information, and quality images so you can find your artistic style from the overwhelming number of fresh ideas and varied styles.