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With over 45 years of experience in the Iranian handicraft industry, the main members of Handicrafts365.com have participated in dozens of specialized handicraft exhibitions in and out of Iran.

Handicrafts 365 is not merely an internet shop, We are in direct contact with artists from all over the country with the aim of introducing and offering unique Persian handicrafts. First and foremost, Handicrafts 365 is a platform on which the original Persian handicrafts are introduced. Our approach is not to have a shop littered with trash products with the sole purpose of making cash. Our team is seeking to build a friendship between handicrafts and people from all over the world. We want to deliver an original art so you can relish in the beauty of life.

handicrafts 365 is an online Iranian handicrafts and Iranian souvenirs shop


As one of the main hubs in the world of handicrafts, the Iran handicrafts have a bright and rich history. Undoubtedly, the talent and creative power of the Iranians and their interest in art and the creation of artworks has been one of the factors in the sustainability of Iranian crafts; Experts believe that Iranians can create artwork by recognizing beauty; Because Iranians believe that the work of an artist is not just a physical work, but like a poet, he reflects his feelings and thoughts in his works.

Iranian handicrafts
Iranian souvenirs

Iranian handicrafts as the most practical art as well as cultural production, have the following characteristics:

  • Iran handicrafts are at the top of every country in the world in terms of diversity.
  • More than 70 percent of Iranian handicrafts are produced by women.
  • The majority of Iranian crafts are produced in rural and nomadic areas.
  • Supplying a large portion of raw materials consumed from domestic sources.
  • Introducing Iranian history and culture in the best possible way.
  • Non-similarity of manufactured products with each other.