Best Wood Carving Knife

Why do we need the best wood carving knife?

Wood carving is a beautiful skill enabling carpenters and carvers to create extraordinary objects. This form of art has been practiced for hundreds of years and is known to many cultures worldwide. Wood carving is a delicate endeavor, one which requires a great set of skills. Besides the carver’s skill and the carpenter, the quality of the tools for wood carving and choosing the best wood for wood carving also matters significantly. The wood carving knife is one of the useful tools in wood carving; therefore, the carver needs to choose a suitable model so that he/she would not face any troubles in the middle of woodworking. You could say that a good knife can make the process more smooth and land the carver better results. That is why it is essential to know the best wood carving knife to start your wood carving adventure.

Best Wood Carving Knife -
Best Wood Carving Knife

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Wood Carving Versus Whittling 

If you are a beginner, you need to find your passion in the world of types of wooden handicrafts. This artistic world has various branches and consists of different techniques. It would be best if you fished for what interests you the most and then find out the right tools to start. Allow us to begin by explaining the difference between wood carving and whittling. Although the two seem pretty much the same, and many tend to use the terminologies interchangeably, they differ due to their techniques and particular features. The required tools for each are slightly different as well.

Wood carving is an artistic skill to create three-dimensional designs and structures. The outcome could be either functional or symbolic, which would be your choice. It could also be a hobby for all those people who yearn to create beauty. Thus, it requires vision and creativity. On the other hand, whittling is slowly reducing wood to create the shape you have in mind by removing small pieces. Whittling could also be artistic. However, it is less widely known as such. Whittling is a great way to create holiday gifts and a fantastic way to relieve you from day-to-day stress. Usually, the primary tool is pocket knives, which are accessible everywhere. In American terminologies, there is no significant difference between wood carving and whittling. They are basically the same thing.

Get to know the anatomy of the best wood carving knife 

It is wise to get to know different parts of the knives to help you land the best model for your work. Having specific information about blades and handles, which are the two main parts of a carving tool, helps you comprehend the quality of each tool more efficiently. These two primary parts include other aspects to bear in mind. The sweep shows you where the blade is beveled, either on both sides or just one. It is the straight or curved part of the blade that starts from the cutting edge. The gouge is out-cannel if the beveled part is on the curve’s outside. The grind is the part, which depicts the extent of sharpness. It is the blade’s cross-section shape and directly affects the performance and result of your work. This is something to remember while working with a wood carving knife. 

The neck is the narrowest point of the blade, and the bolster is the part that joins the handle and the blade. The bolster balances the knife and protects your hand. The tang extends to the blade from the bolster, making it an invisible part in the tool providing additional support. The scales are the parts contributing to forming the handle on both sides of the tang, and rivets are there to protect the scales. The end handle is called the butt, and the blade’s upper portion is the tip. Bear in mind that the blade’s blunt edge resides on the opposite side of the edge. The place where the spine and the edge intersects is the point. Last but not least is the ferrule, which protects the handle near the bolster and usually is made out of steel or brass.

2021’s Best Wood Carving Knives

BeaverCraft Hook Knife SK1

You could say that BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1 is the best spoon carving knife out there. This model is popular, and it is made of high-carbon steel. This model is perfect for you if you are interested in carving a wood spoon, concave shapes, and green woodworking. It is very efficient for cutting softwoods and hardwoods. Its ergonomic design makes the tool easy to work with and comfortable to handle. The handle is processed with natural linseed oil and is usually made out of oak. 

BeaverCraft Hook Knife SK1 - best wood carving knives
BeaverCraft Hook Knife SK1

Morakniv 164 Hook Knife

If you are looking for the best hook knife for relief carving, you should try Morakniv Wood Carving 164 Hook Knife. This tool is handy for spoon carving and detailed wood. Its single-edged blade is made up of carbon steel, which improves the hardness level. Morakniv is suitable for all the push cuts and pulls cuts. There is a full tang in the tool to prepare for better sturdiness and strength. The handle is particularly easy to maneuver and generates excellent control. Its handle is made from oiled birch wood, and the knife itself is made in Sweden. This tool weighs 2.1 ounces. 

Morakniv Carving Hook Knife
Morakniv 164 Hook Knife

Flexcut Chip Knife

Some people prefer more affordable blades that provide better control over various cuts. In that case, we introduce the Flexcut Chip Knife, which is the best chip wood carving knife in the market, not to mention a budget-friendly one. Its high carbon spring steel makes it super comfortable to work with and adds excellent edge retention. Its unique ergonomic design improves comfort due to its ash handle. This particular tool weighs 2.1 ounces. One of the best wood carving knife models is Flexcut Pocket Jack for carving. This model is smaller than the original carving Jack, but the efficiency is just the same. It is a multi-tool design, and its four blades attain various needs of the carvers. Also, its lightweight makes the tool unbelievably easy to maneuver. 

Flexcut Wood Carving Knife
Flexcut Chip Knife

Morakniv Junior 73/164 Knife

Wood carving is not just for adults. Many kids find themselves interested in the art, and some of them happen to be great at it. One of the best wood carving knives for kids is Morakniv Junior 73/164 knife. This knife is made in Sweden, and its small structure makes it perfect for kids and beginners. Its thin carbon steel blade is very efficient, and the oiled birch wood handle makes the tool extra comfortable. Its unique sharp blade makes detailed wood carving a piece of cake. It also has a plastic sheath, which comes in black. 

Morakniv Junior knife
Morakniv Junior 73/164 knife

The Importance of Choosing the Best Carving Tools

As you know, wood carving is delicate work. Therefore, to ensure delicacy and sturdiness, it is vital to utilize the best tools. The right tool assists the carver boost the performance and land more accurate results. Although skillful carvers can use many tools like wood carving chisels and wood carving knives and make them work perfectly, the best quality tools make your job easier. That is why it is recommended to use the best carving knife and tools to create art.

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