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Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol

Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol was born in Esfahan, Golpayegan, on March 22nd, 1961. Since he had such a passion for art, in 1975, he became familiar with the art of Monabat Kari (wood carving). Thanks to the famous artists and craftsmen in Golpayegan, he had the opportunity to learn the craft from them. To promote the handicraft in his beloved country, Iran, He is delighted for having shared and extended his long-lasting experience and expertise in this field with inventing a new style of wood carving called Monabat Gereh (Knot Carving). Employing the origins and knots of wood, unique and novel works of art have been created in wood carving. He has participated in numerous local and international exhibitions. Furthermore, He has been awarded at various festivals. As of now, He is continuing this line of original Iranian art with a 3rd art degree from the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. 

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Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol – Creator of Monabat Gereh art style

What is Monabat Gereh (Knot Carving)?

In 1994, Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol created the Monabat Gereh (Knot Carving) artistic style, and this art style was considered unique because of its optimal use of wood and the use of natural wood knots and its incorporation with wood carving designs. In 2001, the knot carving was recognized as the top Iranian creative idea, and the festival’s jury believed that this new and unique art style made optimum use of wood and could create unique artworks using natural wood knots.

In this artistic style, since it is based on the nature of wood, Therefore, you must find the wood very carefully. In this style of woodcarving, we do not merely pass by wood, and we create unique artwork by woods that may have been left unused or to be discarded. 

Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol - Iranian wood carving

Top rank at Iranian Creative Ideas Festival

Creativity is a gift from God to all humans So that they can come up with a new idea and make positive changes in their community. At the Festival of New Art Ideas held in Tehran, Of the 1182 artworks, the Monabat Gereh (created by Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol) won the top rank. The jury’s opinion was that the Monabat Gereh (knot carving) is a new and unique style. In this art style, in addition to the optimum use of wood, wood natural knots create new and exciting artworks, and that’s why they chose Monabat Gereh as the festival’s top idea.

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