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Wood Carving (Monabat Kari)

Wood carving is one of the most delicate handicrafts. It is a combination of art and patience of artists who create valuable products with cheap and pure raw materials. Artists with a few pens and metal scans use their minds with Kufic lines. They draw carvings of flowers, chickens, etc. on wood. The main features in creating a Monabat artwork are patience, precision, skill, and ingenuity of the artist.

This is an art that includes engraving on wood. This handicraft symbolizes the feeling, perception, thought, and creativity of the artists who invent the work of art with taste and taste. Prominence is an essential element in carving that is well visible. The protrusions of wood carvings will also stand out from the wood.

wood carving
Wood Carving

Art of carving in Iran

According to historical documents, Monabat Kari is one of the oldest wood-related arts in Iranian handicrafts. This art in Iran relies on a history of more than 1,500 years, and even some scholars have explicitly stated that this art was prevalent in Iran before the Sassanid era, while some scholars have emphasized the presence or use of this great art on the magnificent Persepolis monument.

The old wooden handicrafts centers in Iran are Abadeh and Golpayegan towns that have long been famous for this art. But now besides the two cities mentioned, this art in Rasht, Orumieh, Tehran, Isfahan, and Malayer is also very thriving. 


Wood carving tools

The tools needed for carving the following: clamp, inlay table, carpentry clamp, iron rasp, paper and fabric rake, stationery, oil or leather or kalk paper, plastic or wooden hammer, electric sharpener, Types of wood, wood glue, brush, nail, wardrobe, meter, petroleum, rubber, oil.

Among these, the cave is an essential tool in carving, which is a tool for digging and cutting. In general, four types of caves are used in wood carving: flat cave, semi-open cave, throat or Gilavi cave, and Shafreh cave.

Monabat Kari (Wood Carving) in Golpayegan

Golpayegan Monabat is a combination of traditional and modern wooden handicrafts art. According to historical documents, the history of the art of carving in this city goes back at least to the Safavid era. Famous masters of the town in the field of carving are Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol, Heidar Niknam, and Gholamreza Ghadiri. The process of embossing Golpayegan is to first cut the desired wood, usually walnut or pear wood, to the desired dimensions. Then they wait for about two years to woods lose their juice and water. They are then oiled to prevent warping.

Finally, they cut the wood to the desired size and then apply the designs. Master Mohammad Mehdi Tavakkol is one of the leading masters in the field of carving that has created a new style of carving called Monabat Gereh. Monabat Gereh is unique because of its optimal use of wood and the use of natural wood knots and its incorporation with carving designs. There are no artworks in the world like Monabat Gereh artworks.

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