Persian Enamel Process

Persian Enamel Process in 5 Steps

MinaKari art training can be professional homework. You can earn money by teaching enamel work in addition to learning beautiful art. There are many videos and clips in cyberspace that will teach you useful training, but remember that it is better to learn the details of Persian enamel process from skilled craftsmen. It’s a good idea to first learn free tutorials from existing clips and content and continue to learn this art with a background with Mina Kar artists. Enamel training is learning the original Iranian art, and learning it can fill your free time well.

The art of Minakari is one of the most difficult and, at the same time, beautiful arts, which is very difficult to make. To do these works, you need tools and equipment that the artist has prepared to work with, and with their help, he creates extraordinary works. In this article, we will discuss all these materials and tools and discuss them.

Persian Enamel Process

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

The first step of Persian enamel (Minakari)

After preparing the necessary equipment (for example, we chose a 15 cm plate, first, you have to sand the entire dish and completely smooth and prepare the stencil.

Second step

In the second step of Persian enamel process, after you have completely smoothed the entire surface of the dish with sandpaper, it’s time to prepare the dish for the stencil, which you must first find in the middle of the dish. Until you hit the template, tap the role in the right places so that the distance between the roles is completely equal and it looks like.

Third step

When you’re done, it’s time to tap the template. In this step of Persian enamel process, you will immerse your chosen roles in the special ink.
Buy the special ink in the complete package of the enamel pattern and apply it in the predetermined places as follows:

  • You can stick small patterns on the head of a pencil to make it easier to use.

Fourth step

After finishing the stencil work, it is time to draw the black pen. You used the black pen you bought earlier. Pour a little of this black pen into one of the special pumps and get ready to draw the black pen.

What is a black pen?

A black pen is a mixture of glue, graphite, and so on. It also means that the glaze does not come out of the inside of the roll inside the oven and when the glaze melts. Drawing a black pen is a very simple task, and all you have to do is pull the pump with the black pen on the role you created with the template and somehow thicken the role.
Perhaps the most important step in enameling is the easiest! Note that drawing a black pen is very important, and the quality of your Minakari design depends on the drawing of the black pen, and the smoother and smoother the lines you create with the black pen, the higher the quality of your design.

The fifth step (last step) of Making Persian enamel artworks

The last step of Persian enamel process is glazing, which is perhaps the most important step after drawing a black pen. At this point, in the glaze, you must select the color scheme to match the colors used throughout the page. It is recommended for those who are not very familiar with a ready-made enamel plate as a pattern and map in front of them.

Use this design to understand the idea of ​​the color scheme. Even I used a pattern and a map in the early days of Minakari, and after several years of doing Minakari, I now choose the wrong designs and colors. To start, pour a small amount of glaze into the pumps and then write the name of the desired color on the pumps so that you don’t make a mistake later and don’t use it. After preparing the glazes and pouring them into the pumps, you need to draw the glaze needle in patterns to completely fill the desired role.

Be careful not to press the needle too hard on the plate and fill the glaze too much. And before using the pumps, be sure to crush them so that the glaze combines with the water so that your glaze does not become thin and thick during use, and then we will continue the glaze. Be sure to do the glazing work patiently and calmly, and if you are tired at the same time, do it step by step and at different times until you glaze the whole role. Make sure that there is no space between the roles, and it is necessary to mention that you must fill the area around the plate because, in the Minakari (Persian enamel), it is very important.

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