Best Wood Carving Gouges

Wood carving as a historical artwork flows through the veins of many nations. Some carving designs are simple but yet elegant, and some are intricate and jaw-dropping. Master woodcarvers know precisely what kind of wood matches the design that they have in mind. Then, they chose the best wood carving gouges to apply the right cuts. One of the important tools in wood carving is a gouge. A gouge is a carving chisel with a curved cutting edge often used to carve grooves and remove excess wood. Besides, it could also be awesome in applying stop-cut around objects because gouges do not get stuck in the wood, unlike chisels. 

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Types of Wood Carving Gouges

It is vital to know the best brands of wood carving tools, but it is better to learn different types of gouges before that. Gouges come in different sweeps and sizes. The most common ones are as follows: spoon gouge, spoon gouge (left corner), spoon gouge (right corner), spoon gouge (front bent), spoon gouge (front bent), spoon gouge (back bent), “V”-gouge, fishtail gouge, Straight “U” gouge, and curved “U” gouge. Manufacturers make the sweeps differently from one another. Also, the configuration of the handle varies. Straight handles and palm handles usually have shorter surfaces and are meant to be used with just your hand. The longer handles are suitable to use alongside a mallet. Bear in mind that large tools remove wood quicker than smaller ones. Therefore, you need to pick the items that you are most comfortable with and allow you to maneuver perfectly.

How do I choose a gouge?

As mentioned before, each gouge comes with different features enabling the carver to apply specific cuts. Master carvers know exactly which gouge land them their desired results. However, choosing the right tool could be challenging for beginners or those trying new designs. Carving as a historical form of art comes in unique varieties. The wisest step would be to pick your favorite wood carving techniques and start to master the tools based on those techniques. Try to start small and practice all the time. It’s only through taking constant small steps that you can master the craft. Another good idea is to ask someone who knows his/her way around tools, such as gouges, for advice and tricks of the trade. Their experiences could help you a lot.

6 Best Wood Carving Gouges In the Market

Aside from the appropriate tools, numerous brands in the market can leave you all confused. Many people prefer to buy an excellent wood carving kit to access all the various items they might need all at the same time, which is, of course, an economical choice. Choosing the right brand is not as difficult as it might seem. Use the internet to search for different brands and read other carvers’ feedback and comments. They will give you a lot of information. Also, read on for the most and the best wood carving gouges in the market.

Best Wood Carving Gouges
Wood Carving Gouges

STUBAI Wood Carving Gouge

STUBAI is an Austrian manufacturer that creates durable and best wood carving gouges with specially-made blades that are very easy to sharpen. The workability of such wood carving gouges allows you to maneuver as you wish without worrying about the smoothness of the cuts. Each gouge comes in different sizes and sweeps, which you can handpick yourself according to your needs.

Henry Taylor Carving Gouge

Henry Taylor is a well-known brand among the carvers since the tools come in the finest steel ever. The gouges come in various sizes and sweeps. Hence, you can pick the best one suited your work. The handles are suitable for hand appliances and applying the designs requiring mallets.

Ashley Iles

Ashley iles is recognized worldwide for its excellent workability and durability. Of course, it is not much well-known in America. But in Britain, Carvers just go for this brand. This best wood carving gouges come in various styles, sweeps, and sizes. You can choose between small or large tools and light or heavy tools. Each gouge is appropriate for specific designs. In case you want to shop for this brand, we suggest you buy from them directly because they offer great discounts, especially if you’re going to buy a combination of various tools.

Auriou Chris Pye

This line of wood carving tools has been designed by the master carver Chris Pye, and they have significant advantages compared to other brands. These best carving gouges come in different sizes and features, such as deep gouges for shaping, medium for modeling, flat gouges for smoothing surfaces, and unique V tools, enabling you to choose the right item for your design. Their blades are made of high-quality steel, and they are perfectly durable. The sharpness gives you the opportunity to create detailed and precise cuts, and the workability is just stunning.


Among European carvers, Hirsch is known to be the finest. This manufacturer started making tools in 1780. These best wood carving gouges have been hand-forged in Germany, and they are made of the finest carbon steel. They are perfect for professionals because they maintain their sharpness even after long periods of usage. The handles have an octagonal shape, which makes a sturdy and comfortable grip possible.

Two Cherries

Two Cherries is also a popular brand making individual items and kits suitable for carving. These tools have been hand-forged in Germany, and their unique octagonal handles keep the tools from rolling off the bench. You can choose the gouge most appropriate to you among its different models.

How Do You Carve Wood With a Gouge?

A gouge is an essential tool in wood carving. You can use it with a chisel hammer or a mallet. You can also use hand and arm pressure depending on the type of gouge you are using. A gouge is capable of making deep or shallow cuts. It is all about the pressure that you apply. Now, if you are a beginner, you need to be extra careful with this tool. Bear in mind to choose the right type of wood for your designs. It would be a great idea to utilize the best wood carving gloves to prevent possible damages.

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