Wood Carving Holding Devices

The Importance of Wood Carving Holding Devices

Wood carving is an old and respectable art. Many people still believe that wood carving is one of the most beautiful techniques to provide dreams with faces and present sheer beauty to the world. A master woodcarver knows the most appropriate wood carving tools to land him the best results. Some designs are simple, so the carver does not need wood carving holding devices. However, using a wood carving holding device is a must in intricate designs and for the designs that must be applied on bigger surfaces. Despite what consumerism tells us, carvers do not require expensive holding tools to work their magic. Some of these high-priced devices are not even as practical and useful as they may seem initially. Many carvers have designed hand-made models that proved to be efficient.

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Wood Carving Holding Devices

Innovating designs for wood carving holding device

Carvers’ innovation leads them to adapt and design their own wood carving holding devices to avoid unnecessary expenses such as buying a costly holding device that may not even be as practical as advertised. When you decide to use the objects around you to create something, the options will be numerous. Because there is no limit to human imagination, feel free to develop a design that you are most comfortable with and help you carve more efficiently. So much like wood carving techniques, some holding device designs have proven very helpful. The following is the list of a few of these designs that will give you a good idea about the whole thing:

Hand Vise

Carving small objects could be a little tricky. In this situation, a master carver makes use of a painting stick and uses it as a wood carving holding device. A painting stick is a piece of lumber that already has a screw implemented with its point out. The Carver just needs to apply a hole at the bottom of the wood that he wants to work on before he/she starts. The drilled hole will be the spot to attach the stick via the screw.

Carver’s Frame

A carver’s frame is made from 4″ x 6″ lumber as the post and a piece of 3″-thick x 12″ x 20″ board for the clapping platform. A series of steel legs support the post, and the platform can easily rotate because of the implemented screw. This design was introduced by John, and Nancy Burke, of Ithaca and the practicality, is so excellent that it can easily compete with expensive wood carving holding devices. 

Carver’s Sandbag

Sometimes, you can’t use vises, clamps, or screws to hold the wood. In these cases, a sandbag could be an excellent choice to keep the carving and support the areas you want to work on. Sandbags are practical and accessible objects that could be utilized in holding small or large carvings. The sandbag can easily be arranged because of its molding quality. Therefore, while working with a mallet, you don’t have to worry about your carving getting damaged anymore.

The Rope Wood Carving Clamp

An excellent way to hold an irregularly-shaped carving is to wrap it with a rope and thread it through a hole in your wood carving workbench. The rope must be long enough so that it can hold any object regardless of its size. After adjusting the rope and the object. Tie it off a few inches above the ground to create a loop for placing your foot. By creating a downward force through your foot, you can keep the carving intact on the bench.

Paper and Glue

When working with a small relief object, paper and glue can be the best holding for the process. Of course, to use this type of wood carving holding devices, the back of your carving must be flat. The best kind of paper is newspaper because its thickness is the perfect size for the clamping method. When the project is finished, the newspaper will still be on the back of your carving, which you can sand off.

Carver’s Bench hook

Carvers can apply a bench hook to hold the irregularly shaped objects. The bench hook gets attached to the edge of the workbench via a cleat. There is also another cleat that works as a stop. A cam is also inserted into the carver’s bench. This wood carving holding device is helpful for sawing and chisel work.

Buying the Right Holding Device

Although it is very convenient to make your own holding devices. Some wood carving holding devices in the market are budget-friendly and very practical. Wood carving designs can range from easy to intricate, and the more complicated it becomes, applying the design will get more challenging. Not all carvers can create a self-made holding device for various types of wood carving. Of course, there is no problem with that. That is why there are many models in the market to make your artistic life easier.

If you decide to buy a holding device model off the market, you need to consider the kind of designs you have in mind, the types of wood for wood carving, and the tools you want to use. It is essential to consider these things before purchasing because you may end up with a practically useless device if you don’t.

The Importance of the Carver’s Experience for Choosing the Best Wood Carving Holding Devices

If you are aspiring to become a grandmaster carver one day, you need to remember that practicing a lot is the only factor that will do the trick. Through the eyes of experience, you recognize the needs and requirements in the process. Even if you have a big head full of ideas. You need many years of experience to obtain the ability to utilize your ideas and create something outstanding.

However, learning never stops in the wood carving process, and curiosity is the primary fuel of creativity. It means that, even though it may take you years before becoming a master carver, never fear trying new things. If you have an idea that you believe is going to make your working process easier, make sure to give it a go. Surely, nothing new wouldn’t have been invented if it wasn’t for the risk-takers.

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