Pyrography Tools

Best Pyrography Tools (Wood Burning Tools)

The pyrography tools could be provided at a minimum cost, and you could perform pyrography (wood burning) in your carpeting or home workshop. In other words, wood burning or pyrography is a cost-effective art. You only need to provide a best pyrography tool and create elegant artwork. The pyrography tools include a soldering iron, sandpaper, a piece of wood, leather, cardboard or paper.

Pyrography Tools (wood burning tools)
Pyrography Tools

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Soldering Iron

The most important tool for wood burning (pyrography) art is the soldering iron. The soldering irons could be categorized into two groups. The ones that use an element to produce heat and the ones that use DC and high amp currents to heat the tip of the soldering iron that is in the form of a wire. Unfortunately, the pyrography-specific soldering irons are not manufactured and supplied. (Recently, one type of soldering iron was produced for this purpose that does not have a necessary quality and by no means.

It is not recommended to purchase the soldering irons for pyrography that are produced as pyrography-specific soldering irons). Therefore the best soldering iron that could be provided for this purpose are GORDAK soldering irons. The advantages of the soldering iron compared to others include temperature adjustment, a delicate handle, a short element, and a consistent temperature.

Soldering Iron for pyrography (wood burning)
Soldering Iron


Sandpaper is one of the important pyrography tools (wood burning tools). The required sandpaper depends on the type of your wood. If the wood is well-cut and has a relatively smooth surface, you could prepare the surface with waterproof sandpaper for pyrography. Waterproof sandpapers have different numbering, and the less the number is, the rougher the sandpaper becomes. To sandpaper a wood, you should at least do it in three phases; first, with rough sandpaper such as 120 waterproof sandpaper, sandpaper the wood. When the wood’s surface is totally smooth, continue the work with softer sandpaper like a 400 waterproof sandpaper and ultimately, with 800 sandpaper and above that, smooth the wood’s surface thoroughly.

Sandpaper is  a pyrography tool

Wood For Pyrography

The pyrography implementation is possible in most woods. However, it is done more elegantly in some woods. Generally, since pyrography is formed on the wood by creating a brown color spectrum, it is recommended to choose a wood that the brown color is not evident on it after burning. Hence, we will focus on the woods with a bright color. Some woods like pine wood and mulberry wood are not suitable, even though they have bright colored wood. So choosing the best woods as pyrography tools is so important.

The streaks on these woods are more complex than the wood’s texture, and that makes it difficult to burn the parts of the wood that are located on these streaks. The color that is created would be different from that of the wood’s texture that in turn, that makes your work non-uniform.

Maple wood is one of the best options for pyrography; also, maple wood is one of the best wood for wood carving. The wood is neither so strong that it burns so hard nor so soft that it causes the soldering iron to sink into the wood and cause depression. Pear wood, orange wood, white walnut wood, and poplar wood are other suitable woods for pyrography. If proper woods are not available, commercial wood coatings could be used. The coatings have a reasonable price and are suitable for practicing and creating large-scale works.

Leather, Cardboard, And Paper For Pyrography

Pyrography on leather also has a long history. Mostly it has been used for branding the book covers with metal clichés. The principles of pyrography on wood and leather are not that different. Only following some tips is necessary to work with leather. If you do not have access to suitable wood and leather, you could use high grammage cardboards and even paper. The art of leather burning means the application of dark colors of leather on the desired canvas and installing and binding them together.

The Items that you read here are among the most common pyrography tools (wood burning tools). At present, only a few of the pioneering masters of this art have remained. Sometimes all prevalent leather decorations are used in the art. The appellation of the art comes from two reasons. First, the application of burnt colors (i.e., opaque and baked colors) in the burning leather art. Despite Persian miniature art and painting, is one of the main principles of burning leather art. Second, due to creating high relief on bock leather that is performed using two methods of beating or via molten tools.

The pyrography requires mastery in different fields, including Binding and papermaking, leather making, dyeing, inlay (Khatamkari), calligraphy, gilding, Tasheer, and miniature that mastering each of them requires different experiences.

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