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Wood Carving Techniques

Best Wood Carving Techniques

Why Is It Important to Know Wood Carving Techniques? A significant part of your skills set is obtained through years and years of practice. Wood carving, not unlike other skills, requires a lot of practice and breaking sweat, especially if you’re working with intricate and delicate designs. However, the journey to becoming a woodcarver master […]

Best Wood Carving Gouges

Best Wood Carving Gouges

Wood carving as a historical artwork flows through the veins of many nations. Some carving designs are simple but yet elegant, and some are intricate and jaw-dropping. Master woodcarvers know precisely what kind of wood matches the design that they have in mind. Then, they chose the best wood carving gouges to apply the right cuts. One […]

Pyrography Techniques

Pyrography Techniques

Why learning pyrography techniques are important Precision is highly important in pyrography. The slightest carelessness and distraction will destroy the work completely. Also, the applied contrast proportions on the wood are significant. So it is important to learning pyrography techniques. Also, it is so important to use the best pyrography tools. In pyrography, two main […]

Types of Wood Carving

Types of wood carving

Different types of wood carving Wood carving is a subcategory of woodworking, a known and admired ancient art through the centuries. Using cutting tools such as wood carving chisel, wood carving knife, or mallet, the carver tends to create astonishing wooden items, sculptures, and figures. Although many people have been fascinated with this artwork worldwide, […]

CNC Wood Carving Machine

CNC Wood Carving Machine

What is a CNC wood carving machine? As the name implies, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, numerical control, and computer software play a very important role in the performance of these machines. The CNC wood carving machine works according to the same principles. It is defined as a machine that is controlled by computer software. […]

How to Sharpen Wood Carving Tools

How to Sharpen Wood Carving Tools -

How to sharpen wood carving tools – A complete guide for beginners For many years, people have used the best wood carving tools to create art or build something practical. Blunt tools reduce accuracy and smoothness, which ultimately block the carpenter from achieving the desired results. Therefore, tool maintenance is essential in the works of […]

Types of wooden handicrafts

Types of wooden handicrafts in Iran and world

Introducing all types of wooden handicrafts Wooden handicrafts are one of the delicate and attractive Persian handicrafts that everyone realizes when they see them. A delicate and beautiful work created by hand, for many years, shows its creative taste. Since the raw materials are wood, there are many and natural handicrafts in parts of Iran. All […]

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