Wood Carving Tools

What are the best wood carving tools? 

In the previous articles, we introduced the best wood for wood carving and also explain that how to transfer a pattern from paper to wood for wood carving. Now, we are going to introduce the best wood carving tools that every woodcarver should use.

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Wood Carving chisel

The chisel is one of the most essential wood carving tools. Over time, tools such as chisel have not changed much. The selection and purchase of tools must be made carefully. The most important factor inaccuracy is the quality of the tool. Especially must be careful in buying chisel or metal tools.. chisels are sharp and winning tools that usually consist of three parts: handle, Body, and blade. Chisels have a plastic or woody handle. Chisels are the most important tool for digging and cutting. In general, four types of chisels are used in woodcarving, and the rest of the chisels are a subset of these chisels.

Wood Carving Chisel

Sharpening stones 

Bar stone is used for crushing concave and convex-shaped tools and parts. This stones are round, cylindrical, and triangular and can be used for share, throat, and half-open chisel.

Oil stone is a stone that is used after electric wheel stone. Oil stone usually has two sides, one side of it is soft, and the other side is rough. To smooth the blade on the oil stone, must use oil, diesel oil, or oil. After use, the stone should be covered, so it does not dry out. The flat oil stone should be placed in a wooden box and about 1 cm away from the edge of the box. Note that the oil stone breaks due to impact and pressure and will not be used well if it becomes broken.

Sharpening Stones for wood carving

Clamp for wood carving

A hand clamp, also known as a hand screw, is used to fasten and secure the workpiece or to press the glued parts together. Hand clamps are very different in shape and size. Clamps usually have two jaws, one fixed and the other movable. Hand clamps are sold in the market in centimeters. When tying wood, a piece of fiber or flat wood can be placed between the jaw and the main part of the work so that the jaw clamp does not leave a mark on the work. Hand clamps are usually portable and removable.

These wood carving tools (desk clamp) are fixed on the work table, and the workpiece is attached to it. The material of the table clamps is made of cast iron with two heads – one is fixed, and the other is movable. The size of the table clamps is equal to the amount of opening of the clamp jaw. A 15 cm clamp means the jaw of the clamp opens up to 15 cm. There is a tread on the jaws of the clamp to hold the workpiece firmly. Desktop clamps are very important tools and equipment in woodcarving. The clamp must be lubricated from time to time to move smoothly.

Clamp for wood carving

Brush and oil container

A wide-mouthed can or jar with a brush is one of the woodcarver tools. Woodcarver usually soaks the wood in oil to soften the wood, as well as to prevent the corners of the design from breaking or jumping when working. After rubbing the oil on the wood, you have to wait a while for the oil to penetrate into the wood.
Woodcarver usually has a small container with cotton and paraffin oil poured into it, and from time to time, they lubricate the tip of the chisel while working to make the chisel move more easily. For this, they use paraffin oil. after a while, the oil disappears and does not leave stains.

Workbench for wood carving

Because the workpiece is hit in the woodcarving, the workbench must be strong to be durable. The workbench can be made of wood or its bases can be made of metal, and its plate can be made of wood. The height of the table depends on the height of the person, but its height of about 80 cm is appropriate. Its length and width depending on the workplace of the woodcarver.

Workbench for wood carving

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