Wood Carving Chisels

Best wood carving chisels

The chisel is one of the essential wood carving tools. chisels usually consist of three parts: handle, Body and blade. chisels have a plastic or woody handle. In general, 4 types of wood carving chisels are used and the rest of the chisels are a subset of these chisels, which are described as follows.

Wood Carving Chisels
Wood Carving Chisels

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Flat wood carving chisel

These chisels are used for digging the field of work, smooth surfaces, drawing straight lines, etc. The flat chisel sizes starts from number 1, and the next numbers can be odd too. This number shows the width of the chisel blade in millimeters. In the market, a narrow flat number 1 chisel is usually called the match chisel. The blade of the flat chisel is smooth on one side and chamfered on the other side, which has an angle of about 25 degrees. The types of flat chisels are as follows:

Inclined head flat chisel

It is a chisel-like ordinary flat chisel with the difference that the edge of the winning blade is crooked, and it is used to shape flowers, leaves and etc.

Semi-open flat chisel

It is a chisel whose winning blade is round.

Takht-e Tashti chisel

It is a chisel whose blade length is curved, and it is called a spoon chisel. It is for places where the flat chisel cannot be used.

Semi-open wood carving chisel

It is a chisel whose blade is not flat but slightly round. This chisel is used for places that have a gentle curvature. The semi-open chisel has two numbers. For example, 6-8, the first number indicates the size of the curvature, and the other number is the width of the blade. The half-open spoon chisel is a chisel that has a curved length.

Throat or Giloi chisel

It is like a semi-open wood carving chisel with the difference in more hollowness and curvature so, and it can be said that it is completely semicircular and used for places that have a lot of curvatures, such as ivy and flowers Round. This chisel, like the semi-open chisel, has two numbers. Throat or Giloi spoon chisel is also one of the throat chisels.

Shafare chisel

The blade’s tip of Shafare chisels are v-shaped, which are usually in two sizes, large and small. The large grade chisel is used for hardening, separating the design lines from the background and the design lines from each other. The smaller chisel is used for delicate work, drawing lines and decorating on leaves, flowers and etc. There is also a spoon-shaped Shafare chisel that is not widely used in woodcarving. There is another type of Shafare chisel whose cross-section is not completely V-shaped but slightly curved and similar to U, which is called the throat chisel.

Shafare chisel also has two numbers, which are usually equal in number, such as 5.5, where each number is the size of one side of the blade. The difference between a throat Shafare chisel and a normal Shafare chisel is that the first one semicircles the groove. There are craftsmen who make and polish flat chisel blades in different shapes. Some of these tools are in good quality.

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